You’ve probably noticed (I may have mentioned it once or twice!) that I’m getting married very soon. As the preparations for our wedding day reach their final stages, I was just thinking about my something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. I guess it’s a silly tradition that doesn’t really mean much, but i want to go along with it anyway, because it’s something quite fun.

Now, I’ve got my something old (my engagement ring, that belonged to Stuart’s grandmother), my something new (my wedding dress) and my something blue (I plan to paint one of my pinkie toenails blue — they won’t show!) but I was stuck for my something borrowed.

And then it struck me exactly what my something borrowed is — Stuart. He doesn’t belong to me, he is entirely God’s. God made him, knit him together in his mother’s womb, and planned his whole life before he was even born. I am so blessed that God has planned for my life and Stuart’s to be joined, but I know that it is only temporary.

As Christians, our permanent residence is in heaven, with God. We are only on this earth for a short while (we don’t know how short it may be), and one day God will call us back to himself, when we die or when Jesus returns to judge the earth, whichever comes first. That’s when the real joy comes in.

But, for now, I am borrowing Stuart as my husband, and I am very excited to do so! I shall do my best to be a good wife to him, though I know I will often fail at this (it’s OK — he knows this too!), and I know that I do not have to fulfil all of his needs — that is God’s role, and rightly so. I am free to enjoy him, and he me, without having the pressure of having to be each other’s everything.

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